Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food "Experts"

So what's the deal with all the chef's and food critics talking about sweet and savory in the same dish adding "balance"? What a load of bull! What does that mean anyway? Why should food be balanced and what makes the combination of sweet and savory the determining factor is this so-called balance?

Does unbalanced food not taste good? Does my pecan pie need some steak seasoning to make it balanced? How about some oreo crumbs sprinkled on top of my hot dog to balanced it out?

I have all these question marks in here but trust me people, they're rhetorical. Food does not need balance. It's a made up term foodies say when they're trying to sound intelligent. It's just like people making up descriptions for wine, but that's another topic. Sweet food is okay without the saltiness. Salty or spicy food is okay without the sweetness. End of story.

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