Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to the No Sweet Meat blog!

As a young boy I realized early on that I was different than all the other kids at school. I was different than my parents, my sister, and the rest of my family. They didn't understand. They still don't understand. What makes me different? When it comes to food, I DO NOT LIKE SWEET THINGS MIXED WITH MEAT. Or anything savory for that matter.

I was the outcast at Thanksgiving when I wouldn't put cranberry sauce on my turkey. I scoff at pineapples on my ham. I cringe at the thought of cinnamon apples with my pork chop. And finally I absolutely loathe getting the slightest bit of syrup on my breakfast sausage. And yes that is a picture of chocolate covered bacon (above). There are many more examples which I will be discussing in my blog.

Please, if you are like me and want to voice out your opinion of horror that is sweet meat, do it here. I know what you're going through.

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