Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Meat in the '50's? I don't think so!

Retrospace Food & Drink #13: MEAT!

Great article:  Best line - "Even the skillet handle looks like gristle."

Ah, the simplistic goodness of food from the 1950's. Scroll through these pictures. You will see very little sweet meat violations here. Notice the pancakes and sausage in the Swift's Premium ad saying Hot, Hearty, Hurry-Up Breakfasts; no violations there! No syrup touching the meat. 

There are a few violations (early signs of those hippie freaks). There's several references to brown sugar cured bacon which is ironic because the thought of it doesn't cure jack - even makes me sick. 

Keeping scrolling down to the Premium cracker ad: yeah, that whole delicious bacon wrapped hot dog craze? 60 years too late! Thank goodness for comebacks! 

The worse two violations are courtesy of SPAM (big fan BTW). They have pineapple showing up way too much. 
Gross but understandable giving its history. Spam didn't get popular in our great country until WWII when it was used heavily to feed our troops. It was particularly favored by the mooching Hawaii natives who incorporated it into their cuisine.  There are good examples - spam musubi's, spam fried rice.  And bad examples - spam with pineapple or guava.

Great blog, minimal sweet meat voilations, and whole lotta good cookin!


  1. My husband has the same rule, no sweet with meat, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new recipes that do not include some form of sugar on the protein! Not every pork chop needs an orange juice glaze or pomegranate chutney and brown sugar has no business near a ribeye but these "gourmet" magazines try to shove it down our throats!

  2. I understand your feelings. Don't hold back. You're in a safe place. Thanks for sharing.

    For additional examples from magazines go take a look at the Rachael Ray violations back in the early days of the blog.