Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mo's bacon choco chip pancake mix

"Bacon lovers, rejoice! This pancake mix is all about your favorite breakfast meat. Featuring a delicious buttermilk pancake mix and Vosges Chocolates’ famous Mo Bacon Bar chips, it’s the perfect mix of salty, smoky, and sweet! All natural. 16 oz. Shelf life of 6 months. About 7” tall - $14.

Are you freakin kidding me?! Perfect mix of salty, smoky, and sweet is akin to saying there's such a thing as a perfect mix of babies, kittens, and hand grenades! This is not the first time ol Mo has crossed the well established no sweet meat line in the sand: Mo's Bacon Bar. This guy has to go - no question.

Who's with me for getting some kind of class action lawsuit going for Mo? There has got to be some kind of repeat offender clause. I'll look into the No Sweet Meat bylaws and get back with you.

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