Sunday, October 11, 2009

Landry's Fruit Filled Seafood of Shame

So, Landry's Seafood House here in H-town came out with this new promotion where they serve you a big plate of expensive fruit filled seafood and they video tape your pukey reactions on hidden cameras and then sell it to some TV show for some big time laughs as viewers watch these people come in and order up the equivalent of a huge plate of jokes on them! I mean listen to these descriptions:
  • Applejack Sea Bass topped with apples and sun-dried cherries, simmered in a sweet bourbon reduction.
  • Pecan Cranberry Crusted Mahi served with apple blue cheese slaw.
  • Crispy Duck with Grand Marnier cranberry demi, served with vanilla bean sweet potato mash.
Who are you trying to kid Landry? You're not serving seafood entrees! You're serving dessert!

As you choke down the second bite of your $30 dish the bile in your own throat can't stay down and you end up spewing chunks all over the place! It's TV ratings gold! I'm expecting a phone call from Fox or Spike anyday wanting to hear the pitch.

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