Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fried Ice Cream Burger Is Healthy!!!

Here's lovely pic and video link for the healthy ice cream burger! Don't get me wrong people, but I actually like this burger! I know what you're thinking..."isn't this the no-sweet-meat guy"? Well, yes, but you see I am not one of those closed minded people who only see the negative in everything. I was reading some of my older posts and realized that I've never complimented anything I've blogged about. So here it goes:

I LOVE this burger because it is helping me get in shape. Ever since I watched this video I have been gagging and dry-heaving uncontrollably which is good thing! I haven't been able to eat anything from all the gagging, and the dry heaving is turning this doughey stomach into washboard abs! Lost weight and a flat belly! Thank you fried ice burger! Thank you!!!

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