Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools! I can't believe you ate that!

It's official! Paula Dean has made the absolute most disgusting thing in the know universe! Although I vow to continue writing about all the travashamockeries of the sweet meat world, I cannot imagine anything being worse than her latest recipe: Cheesy Ham & Banana Casserole.
It’s a nasty combination of ham, bananas, bacon, cheese, and potato chips sandwiched between soggy, eggy slices of white bread.
Thankfully, some of her followers are agreeing with me and making some funny comments on the recipe's webpage.
  • "I think this is less of a recipe for food and more of a dare. Needs more chocolate syrup and cat food on top though."
  • The combination of Ham, bananas and eggs is stomach churning, horrible experience.
  • I was so embarrassed to serve this to guests . They couldn't even swallow it, and with reason. Does anyone ever taste these recipes before they are aired?
  • It was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. The slimmy banana's, hot at that, were awful. What were you thinking. The people who liked it must be out of their minds or have dead taste buds.
  • I could not believe how truly bad it was, I actually gagged.
Finally some people out there are coming around to the No Sweet Meat side. People are waking up. A revolution is at hand! Food network may win the battle, but we will win the war!


  1. thought you might like this commentary:

  2. i usually love paula dean, but you have to be careful and this recipe is an example. i didn't make the cheesey ham cassrole (the thought alone makes me gag) but i did make some cassarole with string beans, chicken, pimento, mayo, cheese, and mushroom. i had to throw the whole thing away. it was that bad, so i feel your pain.