Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Emmy for "I'm Pretending to Love Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bars" goes to:

Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar: Video

This is a cleverly scripted mockumentary about the Food Network's Duff Goldman from the Ace of Cakes who claims that he LOVES a chocolate dessert bar with bacon all up in there. If the food network paid me millions of dollars to warp the minds of all you gullible sheep out there I'd do it too. So that's what he's doing here as he promotes this awesome looking chocolate bar...that is until they coat it with bacon bits! I mean come on, you have a perfectly awesome dessert. Why go and ruin it like that. No one in the world can convince me that by putting bacon on the top makes it soooo much better.

Picture your favorite food: mine is a perfectly cooked medium steak. Then right before I take the first bite of this savory strip of deliciousness I dunk it in a bowl of crushed up cherry lollipop.
Then I try to convince everyone that it's delicious. BULL. CRAP. Listen up people; who is smarter? You or a Food Network producer? Exactly. You don't have to believe everything you see on TV. They're actors! They get paid to fake it! Someone give 'ol Duff an Emmy.

Here's a picture of the sickness. If you care to watch the rest of the train wreck then watch the video.

PS: I will give him bonus points for using the word "Celebacon".

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