Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spicy Chocolate is as bad as it sounds!

So, anyone else noticed the trend lately to put spicy sauces or powders into chocolate dishes? I'm thinking, "What the hell is going on the world today?" You see, it goes both ways. You shouldn't put sweet things in savory or spicy dishes and conversely, you shouldn't put spicy things in sweet dishes!

Brownies with Chili Powder
Habenero Caramels
Cayenne Chocolate bar
cherry-chipotle chocolate bar
Mexican Hot Chocolate - Ibarra
Chocolate cake with Chili Powder, Cinamon, and balsalmic vinegar
Spicy Chocolate chip cookies

So, when I did a little research, this is a very common combination which completely validates my point of view that people are mindless sheep who will follow anyone who says "This is good. I ate it in an expensive restaurant or saw it in a magazine." I bet the chefs add things like that on the menu just to see who's dumb enough to actually try it!

I can see it, the chef says, "I'll see just how far a tourist will go with the crap that I dish up. I'll start off with a normal cake; then I put a layer of fish spread in the middle; make the icing out of chocolate and tabasco sauce; and add some chocolate covered garlic cloves over the top." Then he'll charge $18 per slice and the tourist will buy it only because it's different and expensive. Problem is that the tourist will not only barely be able to contain himself from spewing all over the place, but then he'll go home and brag about the exotic dessert he ate on vacation. A trend is born...

Conclusion: Spicy chocolate leads me to think that there is no hope for the future.

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